Why We're Different

The Illinois Delta Chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon has been one of the top houses on Bradley's campus since its founding in 1949. We strive to fulfill our three cardinal principals, Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love, in everything we do. Nationally, SigEp is the largest fraternity in the nation with approximately 17,000 undergraduate members currently. We are a fraternity of firsts, being the first to abolish the pledging process, first to open our doors to men of a different color and sexual orientation and many other landmark firsts.
One of the benefits of joining SigEp is that there is no pledge process. Instead, we have our Balanced Man Program. The Illinois Delta program is a customized, four step program that will build you into a Balanced Man ready for the real world after college. This past year the Illinois Delta program won an award as one of the top programs in the region.
SigEp brings the opportunity to move into house as well. It is cheaper to live in house than it is to live in the dorms, and our cook, Laura, will prepare your meals for you. You have the chance to build your room however you wish, with no restrictions that you might find moving into the dorms or an apartment.
Leadership is something every organization needs, and SigEp is no exception. The experience gained from holding a position in house is priceless, and looks great on any resume. With all different chair positions, as well as Executive Council and Standards Board positions, there is room for anyone who wants to become a part of something bigger than themselves.
As Greek men, we have heard several objections to the Greek system. We can assure you this isn't Animal House. We have a set of standards we uphold and set to ensure we stay one of the top houses on campus. Yes, there are dues to pay for being a part of the fraternity, but living in house will make up for that cost in as little as one semester. And if time commitment is an issue, understand that the minimal time expectations are one hour a week for chapter meetings.
At SigEp, we bring a lot to the table. We excel in everything we do, whether it is sports, academics, social status or overall brotherhood.